Yifat Finkelshtein is a men's clothing brand offering quality ready-to-wear items that border on the line between street-wear and luxury, toeing the line between nonchalance and sophistication.
The brand was founded in late 2019 by the designer Yifat Finkelshtein, a graduate of Bezalel Academy. In 2020 she won the prestigious Israeli award from the Israeli Lottery in recognition of young and local designers. The brand was officially launched during TLV Fashion Week 2021

Our brand strives to connect the worlds of artistic aesthetics with functionality, while placing an emphasis on the craft involved in creating the clothes. From the very first stages of design, we offer freedom and comfort along with distinction and a connection to the urban surroundings
As a young brand, we are involved and are connected with the values of slow fashion, in an effort to be more responsible towards our planet and to our community. We truly believe there is no other way. Our collections develop in Israel with local professionals, including production, which is mostly local as well.


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